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I am here to offer solutions, share knowledge, and provide guidance to those in need of assistance with developmental and production issues. Whether it's training set-up technicians, process engineers, sales engineers, or part and mold designers in the skills required to excel in the plastics industry, or providing consulting services to address specific challenges that manufactures are experiencing, I'm ready to share my extensive experience and expertise.

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Resin/Compounding Industry

In the role of a field technical service engineer, I provided on-site technical support and troubleshooting assistance to customers in various industries. This allowed me to develop a deep understanding of resin properties, their applications, and the intricacies of problem-solving in the field.

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Custom Injection Molding

I've worked in all facets of injection molding. From an operator and material handler, to a set-up technician, to a process technician, an estimator, and then finally a design and project engineer. This has given me invaluable insights into every facet of the injection molding process and business which I am ready to pass on to you.

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The World Of Plastics

Usage studies, past experiences and the current world of plastic engineering

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Navigating Knowledge Gaps in Injecting Molding: A Prescription for Success

Embarking on my journey in the intricate world of injection molding, I’ve encountered firsthand the triumphs and tribulations as a technical service engineer for resin suppliers. These experiences have unveiled some unfortunate instances within the industry, emphasizing the crucial role of targeted training as the panacea for preventing challenges in injection molding operations. Molding Fundamentals: […]
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