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The Power of Partnership

Power of Partnership

Why you should consider the plastics doctor to diagnose your non Newtonian issues

Before I get into why you should consider me helping with your plastics engineering /manufacturing needs, I need to clarify that I am not a licensed or degreed doctor. If one looks at the definition of doctor in an old Websters dictionary, they would see definition 3. “A learned man; a man skilled in a profession; a man of erudition”. Over the last 30 years I have had the opportunity to fix thousands of preproduction and production issues. These issues covered the following areas: part design, mold design, material selection, injection molding, over molding, compounding, lab testing, chemical exposure, environmental exposure, thermal exposure, mechanical performance, aesthetics, dimensional, contamination, many secondary operations, and assembly. This experience includes internal issues while working for custom injection molders and trouble shooting customers issues while working for resin/compounding manufactures. I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of companies to help identify the root cause, proposing solutions, implementing the correction measures, and help launch concepts into production without delay or issues. The applications that I’ve worked on included every major industry: Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Consumer, Electrical, Food, Industrial, Medical, Military, and Telecommunications.

I have a strong desire to help others and take enjoyment in the process. In the 90’s, I experienced the exodus of knowledge and jobs leave the USA. Now as many OEM’s are bringing back production; there is a skills gap that needs to be addressed. These are three ways The Plastics Doctor can help:


Many companies are not in a position to hire a plastics engineer so they rely on their suppliers to solve their issues. There are many skilled engineers at these suppliers that are able to solve these issues, however there may be a conflict of issue because the root cause may be related to the material, design, or process that was chosen by the supplier. Most have experienced the blame game: it’s the molders problem, it’s the material, it’s the mold or part design, etc. This can be very frustrating for OEMs and Manufacturers that don’t have employees with the skill set to review all the aspects of what it takes to mold a “good” part. I can help navigate troubleshooting development or production issues as I have hands on experience from taking plastic part from concept to production. I will look at the overall picture and can help navigate troubleshooting development or production issues with an unbiased approach with your best interest in mind.

Injection Molding Simulation Service

This critical process saves clients time and money and provides optimal solutions, eliminating the potential for costly part redesign and mold rework. Many aspects of injection molding can be evaluated, such as gate size and location, identification of potential weldline locations, air traps, wall thickness enhancement to achieve uniform filling, and injection pressure requirements, just to name a few of the common injection molding issues. In addition, mold flow analysis provides you with a visual understanding of the mold filling, packing, and cooling during a mold cycle, and how molding process parameters will influence molded-in stress leading to shrinkage and warpage, all before the tool is designed and built. This tool has been instrumental for me over the years. I have hands on experience doing injection molding simulation while working as a process engineer and project engineer in custom injection molding operations. I also conducted and managed these services while I worked in technical roles in the resin industry. My partner in filling services is Kruse Analysis. Torsten Kruse is a highly regarded industry expert in the injection molding industry. Following a successful 7-year career at Arburg, Inc. he formed his own company, Kruse Analysis, in 1995. Since that time, Torsten has worked with a multitude of clients from varied industries around the globe and established a broad spectrum of experience in molding applications and solutions.

Education via Training and Seminars

Training is a vital component that in many companies are lacking concerning parts produce by injection molding. Over my career I’ve been trained in new production introduction, project management, root cause analysis, injection molding simulation, mold design, scientific molding, and RJG systematic molding. I’ve seen the fruit of organizations that prioritize training their employees at all levels. I am partnering with Kruse Training to help people and organizations with their trainings needs. Kruse Training is an online knowledge and training solution for part designers, mold designers, and process engineers. The interactive online program imparts both foundational and expert knowledge and is designed to present information in a logical sequence. The unique “focused-learning” system combines animations, simulations, videos, quizzes, and multimedia presentations that build skills and increase confidence. An interactive CAD tool provides users the opportunity to examine and manipulate sample part with various molding defects. Kruse Training lessons are developed with injection molding professionals in mind, from entry level to experienced engineers. The core premise of this program was built around the “Circle of Knowledge”, a simple premise that when knowledge flows from a part designer to a mold designer to a process engineer, and back again, a “Circle of Knowledge” is created within the team. The goal of Kruse Training is to develop synergistic teams of cross-trained professionals who can successfully design and mold plastic components.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Partnership

Partnering with The Plastics Doctor will not only allow access to the experience that I have by working as a plastics engineer for 30+ years, it will also include the experience of Torsten Kruse. This dynamic partnership will give you two sets of experienced plastic experts to help you with your training, development, and troubleshooting needs for the price of one!